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Bont reklama za revijo Semi-Race package

Press agency MOREL is actively supporting speed roller skating in Slovenia since 2007, when we financially supported a female team of speed roller skaters who have won several positions within first 10 and on podium in their categories. Today we are supporting individual speed roller skaters in Slovenia and help supporting few remaining active competitors in this sport. Due to lack of offer for inline speed roller skates and high quality fitness roller skates in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, we have gained contact with Australian speed inline skating manufacturer Bont. That is why in 2011 we have opened a store where we offer all articles of Bont, from apparel to recreational skates and of course speed roller skates. Bont is one of the leading in quality of their products and that is why it was logical choice to become partner of our agency as we try to offer people best on each area. MOREL is also a sponsor of Speed inline skating club Ljubljana and Federation for speed roller skating Slovenia.

Project of internet shop is lead by Crt Mori, coach and competitor of speed roller skating, who will gladly help with his advices and experiences to every customer. In case you have additional questions or you just need help with decision, you can write him on his personal e-mail: or you contact Press agency MOREL on:, where they will gladly forward your questions to most experienced people in this sport in Slovenia. If you have any problems with inline roller skates we will gladly help you solve it in best interest of you.
You can visit us in our Promotion Center, Tržaška cesta 65, Ljubljana